Entheogenic Option

tribe smokeFor thousands of years humans have employed natural substances to trigger meaningful experiences and reach deeper levels of thought, emotion, and understanding. The limited observance of a mild agent can assist the the mind in focusing upon the subtleties and complexities of existence. However, great care must be used when altering the brain’s chemistry; long term degradation of mental capabilities must be considered a probably with many psychoactive substances. Thus, each intake of a psychoactive substance is a sacrifice in the truest sense of the word; a sacrifice of self.

Entheogens may be utilized within Vehicle of Prodigy; such use is voluntary/noncompulsory. The overuse of any psychoactive agent is harmful. Powerful substances may be inappropriate for entheogenic use at any level. Dependence upon a psychoactive – even a mild agent – carries a strong potential to permanently alter one’s life trajectory.