A Religion to Save the Worlds

Vehicle of Prodigy was engineered to be a flawless religion for any intelligent creature or machine in the Universe, far beyond the discrimination of a single species of life on a single planet, the truth is for all that exist, have existed, and will exist anywhere.

It does not recognize belief in ghosts, demons, or gods, but assures that if they are ever discovered, shown through critical evaluation to be real, theoretically confirmed by the scientific community, or otherwise concluded in high-level mathematical calculations of the universe as performed by a superintelligent machine, than certainly these things will be incorporated. However, until this occurs such things will remain outside the boundary of accepted practice within Vehicle of Prodigy and shall not be taught in its name.

Quite naturally this order will appeal most readily to the educated, the rationally minded, and the scientist, but it is a system for all Homo sapiens regardless of tribe, affiliation, nationality, race, gender, or intelligence. It incorporates a nei gong and internal gung fu system to secure and empower its individuals; deeply rich, intellectual study of the Universe and life; meditation and contemplation on self and all that exists; compassion and empathy for suffering beings at its solid core; and a plan to save the world. It raises issues that humans refuse to discuss, but which must be engaged if this is to be accomplished. It recognizes the impending ascent of A.I. and warns Homo sapiens of the existential threat posed by its emergence, complexitization, and unknown trajectory. As a religious order it points humans toward what is truly sacred for organisms subjected to the conditions of this Universe and facing the information of reality, and what they must do to fulfill their role as the singular leading species of this world.